Boots & Sweet Tea

20130525-123700.jpgConsidering I was born & raised in Dallas, TX, I do not own a pair of cowboy boots. Shocking, I know. And it’s blasphemous, but most of us here in Texas don’t own boots, nor do we ride around on horses. Still, my inner Texas gal is starting to long for a pair of sexy, brown boots. I found a pair of studded cowboy boots at Urban Outfitters from their Urban Renewal line, but they didn’t have my size. Then occurred to me that I should support small business and buy authentic, local boots. My adventure began out in good ‘ole Paris, Texas (which has an Eiffel Tower too) where my friend’s dad is mayor. After an unexpectedly fun day of barbecue, sweet tea, and off-roading, we went to a western store called Crazy Horse, where they had a huge collection of fab boots. I have zero knowledge of boots, so it was kinda overwhelming, but it gave me a lot of inspiration. Cowboy boots can be tricky to style, but y’all don’t have to wear them with solely Daisy Dukes or prairie dresses. Why not opt for a sheer top, tights, and scarf to top the rugged footwear? Bring a little old-world charm to a high fashion look by rocking these boots with a sleek leather skirt and turtleneck. There’s more ways than you know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest


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