Foodie Friday: Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

A total classic...or is it? Image via Pinterest

A total classic…or is it? Image via Pinterest

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. If I’m feeling burnt-out or particularly uninspired, Pinterest is generally the first site I’ll consult to get me out of a funk. It’s not only one of  my favorite sources for fashion style snaps, but also for pinning new DIYS, beauty tips, and inspiring quotes and images. Another thing it’s great for? Discovering drool-worthy recipes! And that’s where this week’s Foodie Friday greatness comes in…



Look closer! These “wings” aren’t wings at all! They’re CAULIFLOWER. Mind totally blown, I know. Get the 411 below! Image via SELF. 

This recipe for buffalo cauliflower “wings” has made quite the splash in the blogosphere! Variations have popped up on The Curvy Carrot, Skinny Taste, and even on a SELF Magazine blog, all with major accolades. I’m a total sucker for both buffalo sauce and healthy eats (especially with bikini season right around the corner!) so this is something I immediately repinned to my “S#!T I Want My Boyfriend to Cook for Me” board. That’s kinda how I roll. If you have a similar addiction to all things spicy, click through to SELF (or any of the above links!) for all of the deets! After all, after two weeks of sweet FF entries, it was about time for  something healthy, vegetarian-friendly, and savory, no? I’m sold!

OMG, YUM: Add some dipping sauce, celery, and you're set! Image Credit

OMG, YUM: Add some dipping sauce, celery, and you’re set! Image Credit

Where do you find the best recipes? Have you tried these “wings” before? What kind of dishes would you like to see featured here? Let us know with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

  1. I started following your blog yesterday, which was suggested to me by WordPress. I’m celebrating a month of vegetarianism today and couldn’t be happier that you posted this. I have been DYING for something slathered in some smokey barbeque type sauce, but found this was sadly limited to meat entrees. I’m so happy I was WRONG! Can’t wait to try! Thanks!

    • Aww, Rebecca, I’m so excited to hear that! Happy that this post was perfectly timed for you! Thank you for following us, and major congrats on your vegetarianism!

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