No, it’s not a story about Alicia Silverstone’s short-lived animated TV series–lo siento–but rather a dose of random celebrity news! Everyone’s favorite Kardashian sister, Khloe Kardashian Odom, just went public about being on the receiving end of a smile makeover! The youngest of the Dash Dolls visited a cosmetic dentist in LA in hopes of “tweaking” and further perfecting her already-enviable smile. Her treatment plan? Braces! But not the traditional metal kind, of course–Khloe opted for Invisalign, the incognito option for cosmetic orthodontia. Check out her before and after below!


Gorgeous!! Who even KNEW Khloe needed braces?! Lady had absolutely beautiful teeth in both shots. I’ve got to admit though, her new smile does make her look a bit more Kardashian-y–she’s totally channeling big sis Kourtney in the “after” photo! As any former braceface knows, braces tend to make a genuine difference in your overall look. It’s not just about the straightness of your teeth, but about spacing, smile, and your jawline too. Little “tweaks” can have a huge impact! Here’s another post-braces shot of Khloe for proof!

So pretty, Khloe! Image via Zap2It,

So pretty, Khloe! Image via Zap2It.

What do you think of Khlo’s new grill? Do you think her “treatment” was necessary or narcissistic? Are you secretly craving an Invisalign makeover now too?! Share your thoughts — leave a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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