Beauty, Body Oils, & Burt’s Bees

Remember when I said I wasn’t a big “beauty girl”? Yeah…I think that may have been a lie. I have been buying random bath products, pots of concealer, tubes of mascara, and skincare supplies left and right as of late! My newest beauty obsession? Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil by Burt’s Bees.

Seriously, what CAN'T Burt's Bees do?!

Seriously, what CAN’T Burt’s Bees do?!

Prior to purchasing Mama Bee, I’d never used a body oil before. There’s just something about the word “oil” that made me go ehh and crinkle up my nose in a really attractive way. Even when oils were trendy–and they are kind of having a moment right now with the whole “dry oil” body/hair sprays and oil-based hair color thing–they hadn’t ever appealed particularly to me. After all, why would I want to ADD oil? I wasn’t sure. But now I KNOW! And it’s all thanks to Mama Bee.

Prepare to fall in love, Mieuxs!

Prepare to fall in love, Mieuxs! Buy @

Mama Bee is, as it’s name states, a nourishing body oil. It’s made with vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and lemon oil and is meant to soothe and moisturize post-shower, leaving you with soft, smooth, lightly-scented skin. Since the body oil is made by Burt’s Bees, Mama Bee is 100% natural and petrochemical and paraben-free. Though Mama Bee is specifically marketed towards pregnant women (of one which I am NOT), Burt’s Bees sells two identical formulations of this oil: one for babies, and one for non-parents. They all have the same ingredients and fragrances though, so feel free to buy whatever’s cheapest or has the cutest packaging–obviously that’s what I did.

A snap of Mama Bee's back label--100% natural, chemical free beauty and moisture!

A snap of Mama Bee’s back label–100% natural, chemical free beauty and moisture!

What I love most about Mama Bee is that it’s one of those amazing beauty multitaskers! It works as it was intended to, of course, as a moisturizer, but it does SO much more than that! You can add Mama Bee to a bath for a super luxe soak, use it as a massage oil, apply some to a cotton ball or wipe and use as a makeup remover, add a subtle summery sheen to your limbs, or use it to soothe after shaving. You could even use it as a tanning oil this summer if you’re into that. The natural oils in the product are also supposed to be awesome for your nails and the Mama Bee formulation is said to help to prevent stretch marks. You’ll want to use it all of the time because of the subtle, yummy scent! While Mama Bee is super absorbent (you actually have to use a lot of product before you have any greasiness!) it’s still OIL, so if you’re wearing something silky or woolen, make sure to let the oil absorb before letting any fabric touch your skin to avoid any stains or marks. Other than that, it’s amaze! Definitely a product I’ll be incorporating into my rotation.

What do you think of body oils? Have you tried one? Would you buy this? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director


2 thoughts on “Beauty, Body Oils, & Burt’s Bees

  1. Liza they can do everything because they are owned by Clorox. I’d rather not support chemical companies like Clorox. I can tell you that I dumped my Burts lip balm and made a permanent switch to Buddha Balm. So much better than any other natural brand.

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