The Click: 05/12 – 05/19


Didn’t have a crazy weekend? Totally ok. Forever Twenty Somethings gives you a pass with this post!

Retro Happy Meal toys?! Ahh, nostalgia…

Totally obsessing over this crazy-helpful post about finding the best colors for your skin, courtesy of Modaiolo!

Listed: The Most Creative People in the Business of Fashion, from Racked. Interesting…

Can’t get VIP-status free swag? Play it like some bloggers are: buy it yourself and then just tell people it was “gifted”.

Because “trashy” beauty can be totally dope.

Nicole Chavez gives her tips on how to be a fashion stylist @ The Fashion Spot!

We can’t get enough Betsey! See how she concocts her famously-styled looks in this video.

The Six Major Anxieties of Social Media from The Cut, because yeah, social media anxiety is a thing. Oops.

Super helpful resource if you’re in the market for a new foundation: how to find the right shade in a drugstore or online!

How do you dress on a first date? Does it matter? What do guys think you should be wearing? Refinery 29 shares one blogger’s story.

Mieux s You!


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