The Obsesh: Lilac


One particular color I’ve caught myself gravitating towards is lilac. I love lilac chiffons, lilac nails, and right now, it’s basically lilac everything. Now lilac, in contrast to lavender, is a pale purple with the tint of pink, whereas lavender is a pale purple with a tint of blue. The romantic, ethereal color just looks beautiful during the day. Pictured above is my lilac accordion skirt from ShopAkira, ASOS and H&M rings along with an H&M cross body. I complimented the pale palette with a mint nail polish from Urban Outfitters, who also carries the most brilliant shade of lilac nail polish. The misconception is that colors such as this don’t look as good on darker skin tones. I totally disagree. Given the right fabrics and accessories, anyone can pull off this fresh new color for the summer! So tell us, is lilac something you’d be up for? We would love to hear from you!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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