Want It Wednesday: Gwyneth Paltrow’s One-Shoulder Yoga Top

On my radar this week: A super hot exercise top designed for (and sold by) none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh yes.

A snap of Ms. Paltrow from an issue of Elle UK. Check out the editorial on My Fashion Database.

A snap of Ms. Paltrow from an issue of Elle UK. Check out the editorial on My Fashion Database.

In terms of celeb hate, Gwyneth Paltrow was like, the original Anne Hathaway. A few years ago (and even now to some extent,) Gwynnie was the girl who everyone loved to hate: Her kids have crazy names, she has a super restrictive, semi-insane diet, she’s kind of a yoga fiend, and he has a newsletter named “goop”. She’s also totally beautiful and a totally famous actress, but no one ever really mentions that. Personally, I was somehow out of the I-hate-Gwyneth loop, so the only material I had to judge her on was her body of theatrical work. Then again, the only Paltrow films I’ve seen are Se7en, Iron Man, Emma, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Country Strong and I didn’t think she was particularly lovable or hateable in any of those roles. She was just sort of…you know, there. This pretty accurately sums up my position on GP as a whole, so you know this Want It Wednesday isn’t about my love for G, but rather the important things: a totally banging yoga top. Just thought I should put that out there!

Model/actress status: Gwyneth shows off her "dream top" for goop. Funny, it's MY dream top too! Image Credit

Model/actress status: Gwyneth shows off her “dream top” for goop. Funny, it’s MY dream top too! Image Credit

Gwyneth’s “Quilted One Shoulder Top” first made an appearance in a November 2012 edition of goop, so I’ve been lusting over this piece for kiiind of a long time. It takes a lot outside of a Lululemon logo to get me excited about workout wear, but when I saw the goop yoga top I was pretty instantly enamored. I mean, have you ever seen a one-shouldered workout top? I haven’t! And this one is QUILTED! According to product marketing, Gwynnie had always wanted a one-shoulder top to wear to her Tracy Anderson classes, buy she couldn’t ever find one, so she made one instead. Why one would specifically seek out a one-shoulder yoga top (besides this one) I’m not exactly sure, but that’s whatever. Gwyneth’s goop top is hot, and not just for the gym.

The Specs:

  • Gwyneth’s one-shoulder top was created exclusively for goop by activewear makers BEYOND YOGA.
  • It’s constructed out of a “luxurious, high-tech” fabric, called Supplex. Supplex sounds a lot like spandex in that it’s quick drying, stretchable, and keeps its shape. It’s also 8% lycra.
  • The top supposedly fits true to size, features subtle monochromatic quilting and a detachable shoulder strap, and comes in sizes XS – XL.
  • TRAGIC: It retails at $75 and is currently out of stock…But since the goop-exclusive workout wear was billed as “Limited Edition”, “out of stock” more realistically means “SOLD OUT”. Oh, and I can’t find it anywhere (and I mean anywhere) else online either. Womp womp.

File this experience under “the worst”: Wanting something you didn’t even know you could have, and then proceeding to have it swiftly taken away! Ouch, Gwyneth. Ouch. I guess I’ll just have to settle for a non-quilted, non-workout one shoulder top instead. At least this one is only $6.99.

What’s on your wish list this Wednesday? Do you know where I can score one of these goop tops? Let me know – leave a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


2 thoughts on “Want It Wednesday: Gwyneth Paltrow’s One-Shoulder Yoga Top

  1. Totally feel you! G is definitely…questionable…but I’m totally coveting her top. So torn! Thanks for the comment, love!

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