The Jam: ATC

ATC_Around_The_World_La_La_La_La_aI have sick summer obsession with the song “Around the World” by ATC that I need to share. I listen to it every single summer since the day I heard it back in 2002. Yes…since I was 12 years old. That’s a decade of this song. ATC, then called “A Touch of Class“, was a German Europop group back in 2000. They essentially were a one-hit wonder with “Around the World”, a top 40 hit, as their only real claim to fame. Now that I think about it, ATC was pretty lame with the whole dance-planet-pop-futuristic-millenium thing, but damn this is my jam. I love it, but it can get super annoying at times. You might actually remember this wildly popular dance number from back back in the day. I promise this throwback jam will be stuck in your head forever. It’s ingrained in my soul at this point. There’s just no going back. Take a listen:

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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