The Indian Sari

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.42.47 PMWhat I love most about fashion is being inspired from all cultures and pulling things from so many different places. Coming from an Indian heritage, saris, were a huge part of my life. As I child I would always watch my mom wrap her sari with so much expertise, something she learned from my grandmother. I recall my grandmother wearing pastel colored saris even in the house just because. A sari, if you don’t know, is a traditional Indian outfit consisting of a blouse (crop top), a petticoat (skirt), and the actual sari itself which is a long draped fabric. There is an art to how you wrap this, as there are many ways to do so. Culturally, depending on your geographical hailing of the Indian subcontinent, most people from the south have a different attitude towards saris than the north. My family is from the north and we don’t wear them as casually. My family also has this weird tradition about how girls don’t wear one until after they are married. I recently attempted to break that rule by purchasing a semi-famous sari from a promising designer named Masaba Gupta.


Masaba Gupta is a new designer with some fierce potential. What I love most? Her mother is Indian and father is African, so she blends tribal prints on Indian saris, and my god is it an amazing union! Her recent collection is inspired by the Masai tribes of Tanazania, blending ethnic with more ethnic. She brought about a new age to the traditional garment by adding neons, color-blocked prints, and bold patterns. The best part? She’s not super ridiculously priced, and her style is such a great blend.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.45.19 PM

Above is the sari I bought worn by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. It’s a Masaba hand print silk & net sari with bright orange border and blouse, retailing for about $275. If I were to break my sari virginity, it would have to be with this particular piece. Is it not just stunning? I love seeing blends of culture and influence come together to create diverse looks. My style is pretty unique when it comes to “western” clothes, but much of that is attributed to this whole other cultural side to me that I am totally proud of because this is what shapes my perception of fashion. What cultural elements do you love about your personal style? Is there any part of your heritage that you think shows in what you wear? Let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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