#MCM: Pocket Squares

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.11.32 AMWhen it comes to suits, I find many missed opportunities that most men don’t take advantage of. The pocket square is one such opportunity for a guy to express his personality in the confines of a structured suit. Popular in the 1920s, this little scrap of fabric can add a unique element to the whole outfit and really turn a basic suit into a powerful statement. Many of y’all might hesitate because there is an aire to the pocket square, but I personally don’t find anything pompous or douche-y about a dapper gentleman with a little handkerchief. It’s a minute detail that allows for a bit of fun and crazy. Virtually all department stores and menswear shops carry them for around $15-30. You can always try sites such as Etsy or eBay.com as well. If you’re feeling a little creative, why not make your own? Now is the time, gentlemen, to take risks and up your suit game!

Here’s a quick demonstration and guide to pocket squares:


Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest.com


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