#MCM: The Eldredge Knot

d7973ff54f63aeea969415802835ce78This week’s #mcm is not a man, but something gentlemen do, or should do rather. My boyfriend first tried the Eldredge Knot some time back and I immediately was drawn to this unique little necktie quirk. The knot is tricky to maneuver, but definitely something to try to spice up your neck game. You can Google videos and graphics to help you achieve the look and there are how-to’s all over the net. Personally, there are few things finer than a dapper gentleman in a fitted suit, and when a man genuinely takes an interest in the way he looks, then, well…yeah. Haute. While I appreciate a well-tailored suit, I appreciate fashion risks more, especially when it comes to menswear because there’s not as much variety. I think it’s great that guys are also able to find innovative ways to turn their staples into a statement. So if you’ve got a man, get him to turn up in an Eldredge Knot for something different!


Rida Islam, Fashion Editor 

All images via Pinterest.com


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