The Ticket: Ironman III


Despite all the finals cramming and nonsense going on, and for lack of better judgement, I went to go see Ironman 3. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. Was it worth not studying for my last finals of my undergraduate career…debatable, but I’ll lean towards a resounding “yes”. Opportunity costs, people! But for real though, this movie was epic. I’m not a huge movie buff/critic per se, nor am I one of those Marvel/comic crazies, but the Ironman trilogy has been supremely entertaining through and through (Ironman 2 was slightly sub-par in comparison). This, ladies, is something you can definitely tolerate with your man. It’s funny, exciting, and has more emphasis on the love story than in previous films. There’s enough action, but it’s easy on the testosterone by comparison and I would say this one is a tad more intelligent than the other comic movies. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow looks hot as hell, not as delicious as Robert Downey Jr. however. He makes me giddy. All the actors were great, especially Sir Ben Kingsley, who is just genius. I had such a good time, I cannot decide if I like Ironman 3 better than the first, but regardless, I definitely suggest you go see it! Oh, and if you haven’t figured out how these comic movies go, STAY UNTIL AFTER THE CREDITS.

e92281ecbc5b4e36ed10b7928f19f6a9Robert Downey Jr. Le swoon

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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One thought on “The Ticket: Ironman III

  1. Unfortunately left after the credits and knew I should have stayed haha.I feel the first two were brilliant but the dialogue in the third was hilarious and kept the movie going. I just saw it last night too and thought it was definitely worth it finish out the trilogy. Hopefully, you still pass those exams 🙂

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