The Obsesh: Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter

I know it’s out of the norm for us to feature a beauty product instead of a piece of clothing or some fab accessory as one of our obsessions, but Nivea’s new Caramel Cream Lip Butter is so amazing that I couldn’t resist!

Introducing Nivea's Caramel Cream Kiss lip butter. Best thing ever? Perhaps.

Introducing Nivea’s Caramel Cream Kiss lip butter. Best thing ever? Perhaps.

Though I don’t consider myself a beauty maven by any means, I am kind of a lip product junkie. “Kind of” is an understatement.  I’m constantly slathering my lips in some new something or other, even though I have go-to holy grail products on stand-by. There’s just something about a new product! A gloss. A balm. A stain. In this case, however, it’s a butter. The aforementioned Caramel Cream butter to be exact!


Yummmm. So good I had to Instagram it.

While this wasn’t my first foray into Nivea products, it was my first time trying one of their lip butters. My lips were feeling rather chapped due to Minnesota’s random weather (70° one day and 36 the next? Okay!) so I made a rather impulsive decision to purchase some sort of lip-aid while already in Target. I was instantly drawn to Nivea’s selection as their lip butters come in these adorable circular tins, which I love, and each of the three the flavors sounded promising. I settled on the Caramel Cream variety–a calculated risk as I actually don’t love caramel, but I figured the “cream” part of the equation would mellow things out. I was right! Caramel Cream smells exactly like classic Cap’n Crunch. It’s uncanny. As a Cap’n Crunch fiend, this delighted me. Unfortunately, the butter doesn’t taste exactly like it smells–of course I tried it, don’t worry, I’m a journalist–but it gets the job done. As far as consistency goes, the butter was creamy but fairly solid. It goes on mostly clear, perhaps a bit milky if you like to slather it on (like I do). You’ll want to reapply all the time because it smells sooo good, but you don’t actually have to…The stuff is reasonably moisturizing for day-to-day purposes. Did I mention it’s totally CHEAP? A tin of this stuff is only $3.49!

The entire Nivea Lip Butter line.

The entire Nivea Lip Butter line.

Even if you’re not feeling the Cap’n Crunch-y goodness of this lip butter, Nivea should have something to pique your interest; Their lip butter line also features two other delectable flavors–Raspberry Rosé Kiss and Vanilla & Macadamia–plus a classic unflavored balm. If those are anything like the Caramel Cream butter, they are definitely worth the $3.50! It’s amazing, and I’m in love.

What are your favorite lip products? Have you tried any of Nivea’s? 


Liza, Editorial Director


4 thoughts on “The Obsesh: Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter

    • Of course!! I didn’t know they had them either–not bad for an impulse buy 😉 Thanks for reading!

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