Real Life Style Crush: Mieux & Mieux Interviews Fashion Mogul Nicole Marshall


The first time I saw Nicole Marshall, I was at an event for Minneapolis magazine–she was impossibly stylish, impossibly tall (thanks in part to her YSL pumps), and totally mezmorising. She’s also super nice! BA, right? If you’re in need of some real-girl style inspiration, read on! Nicole definitely fits the bill, and Mieux & Mieux has the scoop! Check out our feature on Marshall below, where she outlines her style, gives us insight into the life of a model, and shares her shopping tips and prepare to be inspired!

Name:  Nicole Marshall

Age:  “A woman has the age she deserves” ~ Coco Chanel

Occupation:  ICU Registered Nurse & model

The mogul herself! Love this candid behind-the-scenes shot of Nicole at a photo shoot.

The mogul herself! Love this candid behind-the-scenes shot of Nicole at a photo shoot.

Mieux & Mieux (M&M): You call yourself “Fashion Mogul” on Facebook (which I love!) What made you come up with this title? How do you think it fits who you are and what you do?

Nicole Marshall (Nicole): Fashion Mogul came about more so as a joke to annoy my husband when I was creating a new email account. Then I thought about how catchy it was and used it as my Twitter handle. Mogul means to be rich and powerful, to me being a fashion mogul is having your life enriched by fashion. Whether you are wearing it, looking at it in a store, going to a show or flipping through a magazine. Fashion is wearable art and I happen to be a collector of art!

I roll my eyes when people inform me that I am an “IT girl”, or I am someone that everyone watches to see what they are wearing. It has come to be in the last year that I am a magnate of the fashion scene here in Mpls/St.Paul. I have been informed by local designers/boutique owners that I am the person they want to dress and love how versatile my look is. In a years’ time of modeling it is amazing how my social circle has expanded and how many people follow what I do. Does it fully fit who I am? Maybe half of my persona, the other half is a nurse who wears scrubs and deals with life and death on a daily basis.

M&M: How did you get involved with the Minnesota fashion scene?

Nicole: I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. In fact in college I got asked to model ALL the time, but was too shy to ever go to auditions. Living out in NYC opened my eyes immensely to the world of fashion. When I moved back to MN I wanted to become more involved so I volunteered one season for MN Fashion and worked behind the scenes. I developed a desire to know more about local fashion and how to promote it. Then a little over a year ago I had a friend ask if I could help her out in a fashion show, last minute I walked the runway for the first time. I thought that show would had been it…but then came more shows, photo shoots and events. It is so much fun, but working full time as a nurse does limit my opportunities for fashionable adventures. I just do what I can and am ALWAYS will to help out for a good cause!


M&M: What is the model life like?! Can you walk us through a typical day for you?

Nicole: A typical day for me depends on the day. Persona 1, The Nurse: I get up 30min before I am supposed to leave, throw on scrubs and grab my nurse bag.  That day I will get one and a half meals in and maybe three bathroom breaks if I am lucky, I run for 12 hours in my beat up Dansko shoes and don’t get much of a sit down break. In that moment I represent NOTHING that screams I am also a model. Yet I LOVE it when patients point to the tattoo I have on my left wrist and say, “Chanel??”

Persona 2, the Model: The day of a shoot or a show, often leads me running around all morning to organize my “model bag”. I make sure I get enough sleep the night before and drink TONS of water. Runway shows, there is a lot of sitting around; rehearsal for runway walk, more sitting, fittings, make-up, etc… The day can get long bring some sort of entertainment because the second you start to walk out in front of a crowd you own that dress and your attitude/walk indicates that. For photo shoots, usually it is just getting there doing make-up/hair and outfit changes. The key is putting your mind into another world. You become the character you are supposed to be in the shoot. Whether it’s a dark mad woman, high fashioned shoot in a dress, Avant Gaurde in a gown, or the girl next door sipping on her coffee walking her dog!

Otherwise, if I am just out being me….I LOVE taking what I call a “Nicole Day”. This, (by definition in Webster’s Dictionary of course), means I am by myself window shopping (possibly purchasing), pampering myself, or stopping for a glass of wine while flipping through a magazine. Just being in the moment and being myself. I do not have a distinct “model life”, I just do what I love to do. I do what keeps me balanced. Which is probably the most important thing in ANY profession whether it be modeling or being a doctor; it’s so IMPORTANT to give yourself YOU time!!!

M&M: Who or what inspires your style?

Nicole: Flipping through a magazine inspires me. My mood, to what events are going on in the world is my inspiration. I grew up loving Linda Evangelista, I wanted to be her. She was beautiful and was in every magazine I flipped through as a young girl. The striking thing about her was that she had short hair for the majority of her modeling career. I have always been a short haired gal. To me it shows confidence and an edgy/artistic side of women. Linda to me was a symbol of strength and independence.

When it comes to my style now? If I like it….I buy it. My style is my own. I am not a huge trend follower. I will get ideas from magazines, then take those ideas and create something that is more “Nicole”. I do have my way of dressing. I like to be unique and I do not like people to have the same items as myself. I will quickly change my look just to stand out. My outfits reflect me and I am a combination of looks. My sense of style will always be in revolution.


A little Hathaway-eque?! Nicole shines with a bright red lip and statement earrings.

M&M: You have AMAZING clothes! Do you have any shopping tips for us?

Nicole: Shopping tips, hmmm….you will always find amazing items when you are not looking! Also when I shop, I need to do it alone. It’s my therapy. I love window shopping, going around making mental notes on items I have seen. Then sitting having a glass of wine pondering over what item sticks out in my head the most. Do not BUY just to BUY! Also I love black and grey, then adding pops of color. To me black and grey never go out of style and can be reused season after season! It’s always best to invest in an expensive pair of jeans, because as long as you do not fluctuate in weight….those jeans will be with you for 5+ years! As far as buying expensive clothes verses cheaper clothes… really depends what it is. My advice: spend your money on good basic pieces such as jeans, dress pants, jacket, shoes etc. They will last you a long time. For good cheap finds that is where you buy your scarves, t-shirts, shorts, or items that are bold in colors!

M&M: What are the three most-worn pieces in your wardrobe? 

 Nicole: Bold necklaces, skinny jeans, and heels.

M&M: Do you have any favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2013?

Nicole: I always wear what I want. Yet my prediction for trends for this coming season are going to be the Maxi dress, clutch bags and anything associated with the 1920s (nod to Great Gatsby on that one). Electric blue, Kelly green, and bold orange are my favorite colors for the season, and yes neon is coming back in! I also feel you are going to see a lot of black and white stripes. Nonetheless, your favorite trends should be the ones YOU are setting.

Where can we see more of you?! 





Nicole channels her 1920s alter ego, Scarlett. Look at those legs!!

Nicole channels her 1920s alter ego, Scarlett. Look at those legs!!

…She’s even cooler than I thought, guys. Thank you SO much for this interview (and the accompanying photos) Nicole, and for being our first Real Life Style Crush!


Liza, Editorial Director


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