Mieux & Mieux Beauty Moment: Clinique Does Nails


Beauty brand Clinique is bringing back their nail enamels for summer! The new collection features nine seasonable shades with colors ranging from glittery pink to bright yellow, plus 12 permanent, year-round colors. Shades sell for $16 a piece.

Peep Clinique's new summer shades!

Peep Clinique’s new summer shades!

I know what you’re thinking: More expensive “designer” polish? Please. But! What sets this collection apart, however, is that it’s specially formulated for sensitive skin. In fact, the range is titled “A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin“, and it’s six years in the making. The new polish is ophthalmologist tested and dermatologist approved, meaning that it’s safe for people with most allergies and skin concerns. Early reviews claim that quality, ease of application, and the integrity of the polishes’ finish haven’t been compromised in any way and that the enamels dry highly glossy and streak free. Did we mention that the packaging is adorable? Round bottles with silver tops are definitely Clinique and totally chic as well. Love it!

Would you try Clinque’s new nail enamels? What are your go-to shades for summer?


Liza, Editorial Director


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