Animal Instinct: The Deal With Animal-Inspired Accessories

Here at Mieux & Mieux, we’re obviously fans of fierce fashion. This season’s animal accessory trend, however, takes ferocity to another level entirely! We’re not just talking leopard print anymore, guys: From chiffon bunny ears to cat-eye sunglasses, small pieces with a wild twist are making an appearance in a huge way.  One of the best aspects of this particular trend is that it’s easily modifiable to fit any woman’s style aesthetic. Read on for details!

How To Wear Animal Accessories!

If you’re edgy…

  • Talons. A bird is technically an animal, right? Rock the look with talon bracelets and rings! Claw nails count too!Similarly, take some cues from Ke$ha and embrace pieces that feature faux animal teeth and bones. Pretty sure this qualifies as “creepy cute”.
  • Animal faces. This look, which is a Rihanna favorite, is making the rounds worldwide. From cutesy reindeer heads on Christmas sweaters (JK, sorta) to graphic prints featuring more intense animals on tanks to kittens on bikinis, animal faces are badass and bold.

If you’re girly….

  • Cat eye sunglasses. Classic and feminine, cat eye lenses are a super trendy way to embrace the animal craze and look cute while doing so.
  • Animal prints. Yes, prints! The extra letter is important! Animal silhouettes used as a pattern are totally cute and girly.

If you’re bohemian…

  • Pendants. An oversized animal pendant on a long chain is a totally bohemian style staple. Pick your favorite specie and go crazy!
  • Feathers & Fur. Remember the feather hair extension trend of yesteryear?! Boho girls can still totally pull that one off. If you’re looking to update your look, however, there are plenty of feathered necklaces and earrings that can do the trick. Fur is also notoriously bohemian.


If you’re a trendsetter…

  • Headbands with ears. The Olsen Twins were all about the chiffon rabbit ear trend that was all over the runways in 2010, but it never really gained major mainstream appeal. In 2013, however, animal ear headbands seem to be making a comeback! This time the look is a bit more technical–we’re talking wired cat ears and clip-in pieces–but the style payoff is the same.
  • Cat masks. Masquerade style? I think yes! Apparently, these pieces aren’t just for theme parties anymore: these cat masks have been popping up in H&M and Forever 21 since earlier this year. While these are definitely a safe bet for a Halloween ensemble, they could also work at a summer music festival.

Finally, If you don’t want to go full-on animal instinct, you can still sample the look! Animal prints bags and reptile skin shoes still qualify as animal-inspired. Would you wear any of these animal accessories? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director


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