The Jam: ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’ by John Legend feat. Ludacris

Ahh, John Legend. Thank you for giving us this song. I am completely and totally infatuated with Tonight (Best You Ever Had.) This song is my number one most played track on iTunes. It was the first dance at my wedding. And It was love at first listen when I heard this song in the movie version of Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man. Actually, that’s a lie. The first time I heard this song, it was through the walls of my apartment, over a year ago–being played by my super-hip (and hot) neighbor. I googled the lyrics, downloaded it, and never looked back.

Who knew J.Leg had such a hot body?! I mean, probably Chrissy Teigen, but whatever. I can’t exactly put my finger on just what it is that makes me fall so hard for this song, but I’m guessing it’s a combination of John’s voice, the throwback sound, and my connotation with the rooftop scene in the aforementioned Think Like A Man movie. I don’t even mind Ludacris’ rap part. The whole thing just makes me feel all happy and in love and sexual. Can I say that? Oops, just did! Add this one to your playlists immediately 😉


Liza, Editorial Director


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