The Click: 04/21 – 04/28


What do women want in a dude? The Economist (of all places!) investigates just what it is that we find the sexiest.


Jumpsuits are officially in for summer! If you’re stumped about how to wear one, this feature on Who What Wear provides awesome styling tips.

If you hate the jumpsuit but love it’s little sister the romper, this post on Chictopia offers awesome new ways to dress it up.

My Relationship Resumé from Thought Catalog is totally genius. Why didn’t we think of this?!


File this under gross: What drinking does to your face via Blisstree. Ew.

Forever 21 is getting jellies AND they’re designer! Nylon gives us a sneak peek of the Forever 21 x Melissa collab. Totally buying some of these!

Also from Nylon, a DIY floral crown tutorial!

TOO FUNNY: What happens when a text to your parents goes very, very wrong.

From College Candy: 20 Things to Learn Before Your 24th Birthday. I need to get on this!

According to an article from The Daily Mail, women hate stubble, but love beards. Agree?

VS drama alert!: Former runway competition winner Kylie Bisuitti gave a loooong interview to the Post saying that working for the company was basically terrible. Naturally, Victoria Secret responded. Juicy!

Kate Young provides tips for perfecting the perfect pose in this infotorial (totally just made that up). Actually, maybe it’s more like a phototorial. Semantics.

Finally, some sass from Huffington Post: How to dress for your shape. (Hint:  you’re human shaped.)







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