Trend Alert: Cropped Pants

It’s finally warm here in Minnesota and all I can think about is how excited I am to wear my spring and summer clothing. Number one on my list? All cropped everything. We’re talking cropped tops, yes, but also cropped pants.

The cropped pant is the perfect spring-to-summer transitional piece as they provide the coverage and warmth of a jean with the practicality of a capri. On cool days, you see, cropped jeans can be teamed with a chunky knit. On sizziling ones, they pair flawlessly with a tank. Those exposed ankles really do cool you down!

Cropped pants and jeans are a major trend for the season for more reasons than one. Not only is the crop the hottest hemline around, but you can also think of the cropped jean as the vehicle that carries many of the season’s other trends. Though you can’t get more versatile than a pair of black cropped pants, when printed or pastel denim and crops combine, for example, the resulting look is absolutely of-the-moment–almost dangerously on trend.

Good news: If you’ve worn a pair of jeans, you can wear a pair of crops! The basic fit and styling principles are the same. Simply pick your size, fit, and wash and go from there! The “hottest” pair of cropped jeans is one with a universally flattering, figure-hugging fit and a hem with a clean break. Depending on your height and personal preferences, you can choose a crop that begins anywhere from directly above the ankle bone to an inch or so below the beginning of the calf. Crops are also an excellent way to show off a hot pair of shoes. Ditch winter’s boots in favor of a hot pair of wedges, flatforms, or espadrilles–all of which look adorable with short pants. They can also lend a hip, vintage feel, especially when a higher waist pair is styled with flat shoes and a shirt tied at the waist.

Do you own cropped jeans? Will you be adding a pair to your summer wardrobe? Make sure to check Mieux & Mieux for crops galore–you never know what you’ll find!


Liza, Editorial Director

7 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Cropped Pants

  1. YES. I love this trend right now! Though I can’t seem to pull off the cropped denim blue-jeans (or maybe I just haven’t found the right pair – all of my skinnies are too tight to roll up), I love how it looks with tighter pants. I want a black pair for the office this summer 🙂 x

    • I love it too!! I couldn’t roll up skinnies either, so I caved and bought some legit crops and now they’re seriously all I want to wear. Black ones are SOOO versatile and legit look good all the time.

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