Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!


We’ve all seen the enormous Prada wall installment at the van der Woodsen home in Gossip Girl, but most don’t know that Prada Marfa is an actual place! Berlin architects Elmgreen and Dragset conceptualized an actual Prada boutique in the middle of nowhere as a pop culture art installment. The location of the installment rests just outside the western city of Marfa, Texas (it’s actually in Valentine, TX) and was completed in 2005 with the blessings of Miuccia Prada herself, who provided real shoes and purses from the Prada F/W 2005 collection. The structure was vandalized and robbed 3 days after its inauguration, but quickly cleaned up. Now the shoes and bags have sensors for security purposes. You cannot go inside it, or anything, it’s solely to be observed. As advertisement and art, the installment itself is made of biodegradable material, and will decompose into the land after awhile (not before I cop a bag or two). The artists have made it clear the structure will not be maintained as a way to preserve the natural ruin of time. So…deep. Definitely on my list of place to see!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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2 thoughts on “Marfa, Marfa, Marfa!

  1. Rida, this is SO COOL! You literally have no idea how long I’ve wondered about the GG sign–idk why I didn’t just google it in 2007, but whatever. I want to go there. This is amazing and so are you!

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