Trend Alert: d’Orsay Flats

23db10cd534cfa42d5f086245560b316One of those fresh-to-death trends that popped up on my radar is the d’Orsay flat. I absolutely love this style flat for too many reasons. I was getting super jaded by the common flat. Yeah, there’s pointed, rounded, leather, not leather, cap-toe, whatever, but this…this is different. It’s shoeporn for the soul. Most importantly, it’s a flat, so that means optimum comfort (debatable-ish). What is a d’Orsay? Well it’s a shoe style in which the sides are open to where you can see the arch of your foot. We see it often with pumps and things, but to have such a sexy silhouette for a flat? Sweet blasphemy! And lots of designer are catching on like Jeffery Campbell, Matt Bernson, Chinese Laundry, and Report. Another designer, Jenni Kayne, really made the d’Orsay her thing (simply by hiking up the price to $400 a pop). Personally, I would never pay that much for a pair of flats, but to each their own. right? For those who love the trend, check above for some cheaper options. Ebay, GoJane, and Piperlime also have some for $20-50. So Mieuxs…fresh to death, or not impressed? Let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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