Trend Alert: The Lunch Bag Clutch

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.51.19 PMNo, you are not on an elementary school field trip to the pumpkin patch, this is real life. And it’s totally fabulous. The lunch bag clutch is the newest type of haute bag, with the floppy function of a classic brown paper bag translated into chic leather or heavy duty suede. Designers such as Marie Turner and Celine are all grappling over this grab-bag, and rightly so! I think it’s fresh and super interesting to style. Zara carries it as well for $35.90. What I love most? The simplicity, and homage to the old days where I could pack my Lunchables and just go. It’s the big-girl version! I can just stuff whatever nonsensical crap I find and just jet off, but then again what bag can’t do that right? You might not feel as sentimental or nostalgic as myself, so we’d love to hear your thoughts! Perfect for the streets, or better left in the cafeteria?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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