H&M Tackles Model-Off-Duty Style with ‘The New Icons’


By now, you’ve probably noticed the new H&M spots running during primetime–super short, zero dialogue, vaguely sinister electro music, hot models? They were specifically created for H&M’s Spring 2013 campaign: The New Icons. The super affordable collection which just hit H&M stores is said to be inspired by top models Liu Wen, Daphne Goenveld, Joan Smalls, and Lindsey Wixson. Pieces are based on the street styles of each of the four ladies.


The whole model-off-duty vibe is a look that many fashionistas want to emulate, and with good reason! Models are often seen not only as living mannequins, but also street style stars in their own right. From immaculate wardrobes with pieces from across the globe to access to designer goods mere mortals could only dream of, the model “look” is diverse, interesting, and impossibly stylish. With their New Icons collection, H&M attempts to capture some of this cool-girl style and bring it to the masses. The line includes maxi skirts, tunics, leather jackets, lacy mini skirts, and t-shirts–all street style staples–as well as model-approved shoes and accessories. All are under $50 (with the exception of the leatherwear) and perfect for summer.


A large part of the appeal of the New Icons line is that it’s supposedly inspired by the actual off-duty style of the aforementioned leading ladies. H&M has effectively assembled a runway clique in Wen, Wixson, Smalls, and Goenveld. Is this the beginning of the return of the supermodel?! With The New Icons, H&M seems to be priming our 2013 girls for careers like Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, and Kate had in the 90s. They’re not there yet, of course, but with an entire collection dedicated to “their style and personality”, odds are good that H&M is attempting to position them this way.


What does that mean for you? Shoppers can either focus in on the style of an individual icon (Joan’s looks are different than Lindsey’s, Daphne’s are different than Liu’s, etc) or mix and match for an entirely new model-inspired look. I saw the pieces in-store at my local H&M and can totally attest to their cuteness and wearability. I’m particularly fond of the mini dress (H&M calls it a “tunic”) Daphne wears throughout the marketing–and it’s only $14.95. For more information on the collection and behind-the-scenes Q&A with each of the models, make sure to check out H&M’s The New Icons landing ASAP.


Have you seen the New Icons ads? What do you think of the collection? Are these models really our new icons? Let me know what you’re thinking with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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