The Jam: ‘Are You Satisfied?’ by Marina & the Diamonds

Who is Marina & the Diamonds? First and foremost, a single person!  “Marina & the Diamonds” is the stage name of Marina Dimandis, a UK-born indie pop sensation. According to Dimandis,  “The Diamonds” does not refer to her band, but rather to her fans.

I’m so glad Marina is getting more play in the US since her single Primadonna was widely released this summer–her song “Oh No!“, for example, is featured in almost all of MTVs commercial trailers for the second season of their show Awkward.–that I wanted to celebrate by sharing my favorite M&tD select: Are You Satisfied? If you haven’t heard it, you must!  I’m a sucker for sad songs that sound happy (Juanes’ “La Camisa Negra” may be my #1 all-time fave) and with this song’s lyrics, I’m thinking the same theme may apply. See (or rather listen) for yourself:

Many of Marina’s jams could verge into girl power pop-anthem territory, but they’re all juuust badass enough that they aren’t totally saccharine. There’s a certain darkness and edge about Marina (and her music) that seem to temper the sweetness, making things less “poptart” and more rock candy. After all, not just any breed of girl can rock both a painted-on heart on her face, Twiggy lashes, and visible roots and look like a model and not a mall rat. In fact, that entire aesthetic may make me like Marina more than I like her music…And I LVE her music. 

Shine bright like a diamond. Image Credit

Shine bright like a diamond! Image Credit

Crushing on Marina? Make sure to check out the official Marina & the Diamonds website for the latest! Her second album Electra Heart  slated for US release in July. I’m gonna go draw a heart on my cheek now.


Liza, Editorial Director


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