The Click: 04/13 – 04/20


How amazing is Molly Ringwald?! Spoiler alert: insanely amazing. Rookie investigates via interview.

By now, you’ve probably seen Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” video that people are fawning over–we even featured it on this very blog earlier this week–but not everyone is thrilled with the campaign. This perspective from Little Drops entitled “Why Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Video Makes Me Uncomfortable… and Kind of Makes Me Angry”  is definitely worth reading.

Who doesn’t want to sleep better?! Check out these tips from Tim Ferriss for how to do just that.

What do you put in your gym bag? Beauty High has 10 essentials!

Also from Beauty High, 101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know. Helpful!

Do you agree with HuffPo’s list of The 7 Most Hated People In Fashion?! Number 1 is obvious, but #4?! I’m torn.

Need another reason to love ASOS? Their YouTube channel should qualify! Check out their Style DIY video for tips on how to create your own graphic-print tee. Very Vuitton!

More DIY goodness, this time from Forever 21: The DIY Files: Gold Disco Shorts. So cute! And simple, too.

AWWWW: Thought Catalog gives us 23 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them.

We’re (more than) a few years removed from our prom days here at Mieux & Mieux, this feature from Teen Vogue on buying the perfect vintage frock for prom is totally useful and age-appropriate, even for the twentysomething set.

Mieux ♥s You!


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