Trend Alert: Peplum Pants


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One of those fashion oddities to debut last season was the “peplum pant”. The peplum craze is still in full effect with tops and skirts, but this may be a little outlandish. I get the girly charm of the peplum thing, and when done right, it looks nice, but I haven’t seen too many rock a pair of peplum Franken-pants. Maybe they aren’t as available to the mass consumer? Or maybe people just don’t know what to do with it? Still, if you enjoy doing something different, here’s a few options: Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 10.39.33 PM

Jason Wu ($2550)         NastyGal ($58)           Boohoo ($16)

There are some websites that carry these funky pants, but as of yet, there isn’t a whole lot of variety. Not sure if I’d drop $2550 on a pair, even if it was by my homeboy Jason Wu. Still, they are kind nifty I guess. I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about these mutated pantalones. So, Mieux dolls, it’s time to weigh in. Do peplum pants add a pip in your step, or totally cramp your style? We wanna know! And if you happen to cop a pair, Instagram us @mieuxandmieux so we can see how it looks!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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