ThriftDrifter Loves Mieux & Mieux (& We Love Her Too!)

Mieux & Mieux is featured on YouTube again!  Our latest video highlight is courtesy of gorgeous YouTube personality ThriftDrifter. With a channel that features beauty tips, thrift store hauls, and styling vids galore–not to mention her totally infectious personality and awesome taste in clothes–you’re going to want to subscribe immediately. In fact, I’m totally planning on watching all of her videos simply in hopes of vicariously absorbing some of her adorableness! Check out what ThriftDrifter had to say about her experience shopping with Mieux & Mieux below!

We couldn’t be more ecstatic to be ThriftDrifter-endorsed here at Mieux & Mieux, and we’re all super jazzed that she’s loving her thrifty finds. For more super-cute ThriftDrifter style, make sure to check out her Instagram and peep the rest of her videos here. And of course, if any of you have shopped with us, please don’t hesitate to give us your own review – we’d love to get your feedback! Our ears and inboxes are always open!


Liza, Editorial Director


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