The Perception of Beauty

I came across this link on Facebook literally minutes ago and immediately felt moved. I absolutely love how Dove frequently sends powerful messages and allows us to think. Our overly-critical society has become so obsessed with the way people look, we forget the damage this kind of attitude does to the self-perception of beauty. We talk about bullying and others bombarding our self esteem with negativity, and while that still remains a major concern, our attitudes about ourself affect the perceptions of others. Before we focus on external forces governing our perception of beauty, we must ask…what are our own perceptions? People judge, but sometimes not as severely as we judge ourselves. I consider myself a very confident lady, but I know there are things I make mental notes of all the time. Now, improvement is healthy…in moderation. So today, I ask you to look within yourself and assess how many times you criticize yourself, or find flaws to improve on. Admit it. And embrace it, because there is nothing more beautiful than a strong woman comfortable in her own skin.

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


One thought on “The Perception of Beauty

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