Are You a Serena or a Blair?


Ladies, we all lust after the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the Upper East Side and though Gossip Girl has run it’s course, I still can’t find it in me to let go. (still swooning over Chuck’s ascots) There are so many fabulous outfits (along with fashion suicide moments) that I simply cannot get over, like Serena’s Emilio Pucci gold blazer and blue pants in France, or Blair’s amazing collection of coats. I die.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 3.33.12 PMBlair Waldorf: She is the epitome of the superficial, scheming, socialite with an insatiable thirst for control and an ambition to be queen of the world. Her style is painfully classic, rigid, sophisticated, and precise. She never looks disheveled, and is dressed to impress at any given moment. Aside from her harsh exterior, Blair has a soft heart for vintage. With headbands, bows, ruffles, and high-end prep-wear, Blair makes a preppy uniform oh so chic. B embodies French royalty. Sometimes, she takes it too far with the odd fascinators and hats, or then the overly colorblocked patterns, but it’s always an homage to the days of old Hollywood glamour. Prim and proper are the ways of Miss Waldorf.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 3.31.25 PMSerena van der Woodsen: This blonde bombshell is a free, wild spirit that cannot be tamed. Like her vibrant personality and taste for spontaneity, Serena’s fashion sense is risque, sexy, and alluring. She has a boho vibe by day, and a sultry vixen vibe by night. Serena’s style is a hit or miss. Sometimes there’s drama and bold silhouettes, and sometimes, she goes too far with the sexy and often times outdated, but what else is to be expected? After all, you never know what to anticipate from S, and that translates over to her clothes.

Whether you’re a Serena or a Blair, your style is totally your own (as long as you don’t look like Vanessa…or gothic Lil J). Maybe you’re like me, and are a bit of both! I obsess over Blair’s classic flair, but love Selena‘s sexy silhouettes. Regardless, Gossip Girl changed the way we look at fashion on the small screen and continues to inspire us to be classy and collected, yet free and bold! Let us know which leading lady is your style twin, if any at all! And don’t forget to check in at Mieux & Mieux to up your Upper East Side wardrobe without paying East coast prices!


Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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