Optical Illusions

230hSunglasses are always a fun accessory to style. There is so much variety, and many guides to finding the right pair of sunnies. However, eyeglasses are a tad bit different. If you’re one of the millions of people with less than 20/20 vision, you’re likely to sport a  pair of eyeglasses, even if contacts are your main thing. People keep mum on the topic of optical lenses, maybe because no one really thinks of dorky glasses as fashionable. Our vision aides oft never see the light of day, but they have so much potential. And most of us don’t own a billion pairs of prescription glasses, so how do we style them when we don’t have too many options to choose from?

  1. Think about what you wear most, neutrals like black or brown are the safe bet, but sometimes, a bright red, or purple pair can make a chic statement. Be bold.
  2. Are you a cat-eye girl, or retro frames kinda gal? What about thick-framed, nerd glasses? Here’s the trick, get a pair that makes you feel fabulous. Don’t give lenses the cold shoulder just because they are more function and less fashion.
  3. The more you wear your glasses, the less you wear your contacts. It’ll give your eyes a much needed breather (let’s be real, no one REALLY takes care of contacts as we should).

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.28.12 PM

So your insurance only covers some bland pairs of glasses, but you want to experiment a litte. Fret not! Coastal.com offers a pretty impressive selection of eyeglasses for free! Yeah, you can’t really try them on, but you can send them back, and they are FREE. Above are a few of my favorite select styles from the website, check it out! If you can afford a pricier pair of spectacles, try out a funky pair of Chanels, Oliver Peoples, Pradas, or classic Ray-Bans. Mieux dolls, it’s time turn function into fashion, and wear your poor eyesight like this season’s latest Chanel.

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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