The Click: 4/7 – 4/14


Gotta love Thought Catalog: This post takes a look at board game “The Game of Life”….With a 20-something perspective.

WTF are Instagram beauty pageants?!

Also WTF worthy: Facebook will let you message Mark Zuckerberg for $100.

Remember Sassy magazine? This tumblr does! Sassy magazine lives!

Who’s designing Beyoncé’s costumes for her Mrs. Carter tour? Vogue has the scoop!

Mieux loves infographics! Especially this one on thrifting from Modern Miss Thrift.

Refinery 29 shows us that these 90s hotties are still totally hot.

Wait, what? Bras make your boobs saggier? According to French scientists, this is true!

Bookmark this post immediately: StyleCaster provides 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know.

Also from StyleCaster: How to Buy Vintage Clothing. Helpful stuff!

Can’t be at Coachella? Go here.

The secrets behind looking like a French woman…Since that’s what we all secretly aspire to look like deep down!

Finally, Fashun Tips. I have no words.

Mieux ♥s You!


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