Spring Cleaning

4457998fc3e2d13b626e6dbb06aa1647Spring is full effect (unless you’re in Dallas) and that means it’s time to move around the wardrobe. Before you can even begin to take clothes to donate, or sell to us at Mieux & Mieux, you need to assess what stays and what goes. For the average fashionista, this can be quite an arduous task. Hoarding is what ensures our preparedness to look on point any where, anytime, but that also results in excess. What to do? Here are some tips to reorganize the closet:

  1. The Hanger Trick is super easy. Start by putting all your clothes on hangers on the rack in the same direction. As you wear your clothes, put them back on hangers facing the opposite way, so when it comes time to clean, you can narrow down what you’ve worn and what has been sitting there. I would do it in 3-month rotations. Another way to do this is by moving the clothes you wear to the front of the rack, so the back is all stuff you don’t wear.
  2. Trends must go. It takes a lot of fashion wisdom to anticipate which trends are going to make a comeback. In the meantime, no need to hoard last season’s peplum. Keep the classics, trash the trends.
  3. If it doesn’t fit, don’t keep it. It may be common sense, but I’ve found myself hanging on to clothes from high school just because I thought I’d get back into shape and be able to wear it again. No. That’s wishful thinking. I totally get using a pair of jeans to motivate you to get back to that weight, but when you can finally fit into them, treat yourself to new jeans for the new, improved you!

Clothes have meaning. We associate people, places, things, and times of our lives with the things we wear, so it’s natural to want to cling to them. Starting fresh, however, is an even better feeling. Once you’re organized, bring in your gently loved, designer threads to Mieux & Mieux for cash. So clean slate your closet, refresh your style palate, and work on improving yourself this spring!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest.com


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