Fresh Ink: Style Inspiration Through Tattoos

Whether it’s a tiny decoration on the inside of a wrist or a full sleeve, tattoos are cropping up on celebrities, actors, and even models galore. Now more than ever, our generation appears to be an ink covered one. Style inspiration comes in all forms!

While much of the stigma in having a tattoo is long gone, the ink-or-no-ink debate is still intensely personal. When it comes down to actually getting tattooed, few people are indifferent–you’re either a “tattoo person” or you’re not. Just because you may not have ink of your own, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate a tattoo on someone else. After all, sometimes you just want to look at something pretty! That, in fact, is what this particular post is all about. Beauty. My opinion of beauty, anyway. If you’re a “tattoo person”, maybe you’ll like these! But then again, maybe not! If you’re a tattoo hater, you’ll probably hate them! That’s fine too! Really. I promise. Exclamation points!!! 

While this topic strays a bit outside of our usual lens of fashion, tattoos are definite markers of personal style. And really, if you think about it, a tattoo is the one thing you will wear every day for the rest of your life!…unless, of course, you get it removed. Now, this post isn’t meant to encourage (or discourage) any of you from getting tattoos! It’s simply to showcase a sampling of the body art that has recently caught my eye.



As you can probably tell, my personal preference for tattoos are pieces that are dainty, black, and easily covered or concealed. And I LOVE quotes. Probably has something to do with being a writer! While every tattoo has a story behind it, I’d really like to know why these ladies chose the words they did.


Matching wrist bows for BFFS. Image Credit

Matching wrist bows for BFFS. Image Credit

While couples tattoos are widely thought of as no-nos, the BFF or sister tattoo is totally socially acceptable (almost to the point of encouragement from tattoo enthusiasts) and entirely adorable.


Beautiful bloom. Image Credit

Beautiful bloom. Image Credit

I love a super feminine aesthetic in body art, so even though this tattoo by Peter Aurisch is a bit bigger and more colorful than the tattoos that typically appeal to me, I think it’s beautiful. This is also one a watercolor tattoo–considered by some the “newest” and “trendiest” thing in tattooing.  Check out a few more here!



To me, the perfect tattoo has as much to do with the design as it does with placement. These are subtle, unexpected, and sexy. Definitely my jam.



Love the look but don’t want to commit? You’re in luck! For the needle-phobes out there, or for those who just like to change up their look on a dime, there are non-permanent alternatives to traditional ink. Namely, temporary tattoos! Unlike the tats we used to hoard from Fruit Roll-Up wrappers or sticker booklets, today’s temporary tattoos are more realistic, of better quality, and a biiit more mature. After all, even Chanel did a line of temporary tats a few seasons back. Check out Free People, Urban Outfitters, or Etsy for similar offerings! Fun fact: the friendship bracelet tattoos in the upper left corner of the placement collage are actually temporary offerings from Nasty Gal! Another great option are these temporary tattoos by Urban Decay–they’re sold out on their website, but they’re available on Amazon and eBay…usually for less than $10 for an entire set.

Fake cat tat! Love! Can you believe these are tights?! Image via Lookbook.

Fake cat tat! Love! Can you believe these are tights?! Image via Lookbook

An even more temporary tool to emulate the inked-up look are tattoo tights! Haven’t heard of them? For the most part, tatted tights appear sheer or nude except for their featured design. These are great for a really dramatic, over-the-top twist! Sometimes you just have to fake it.

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any of your own? Fashion do or don’t? Let us know below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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