8 Oft-Overlooked Fashion Essentials for the Fabulous Woman

Olivia Palermo is living the dream! Completely infatuated with her closet. Photo via StyleCaster.

Olivia Palermo is living the dream! Completely infatuated with her closet. Photo via StyleCaster.

Fresh off the heels of Rita’s post on the closet essentials, I have another list of must-have pieces…But this time they’re a bit more obscure! These items may seem totally random, but they each serve a definite purpose in a well-rounded, fashion-forward wardrobe. Read on for my eight almost essential picks. Here’s to the fab life!


An “it” bag. Every girl has to have one really expensive and fabulous bag in her arsenal. It gives even the scrubbiest, I’m-totally-hungover-and-miserable of outfits a stylish twist. Plus, the excellent quality found in high-end bags means you’ll probably have it forever. Save up and buy yourself something amazing–neon optional! (Of course, you don’t have to pay full retail! Shop smart and check out the bags from Mieux & Mieux!)


A go-to sexy bra. Never underestimate the power of lingerie. Not only can a hot bra totally change your shape, but they can also change your mood. Go for a professional fitting and find a style that speaks to you, whether that’s lovely lace, push-up padding, or bright red fabric. Get it, girl.


A pair of cowboy boots. This one might sound a little crazy, but cowboy boots totally come in handy! From costume parties to country music festivals to wearing with flirty little dresses (not to mention when they actually come back as a trendy piece from time to time!) cowboy boots are a must. Procure the best in boots at a thrift, vintage, or western store!


A pair of huge, dark sunglasses (…and some lipstick) While sunglasses are an obvious fashion must, as far as essentials go, bigger is better as far as I’m concerned! Here’s why: Big sunnies protect your face from more sun exposure than smaller lenses do, preventing premature aging and wrinkles. They keep you covered on days when you just don’t feel like wearing makeup or trying to be put together. They let you creep on people from afar! And, when worn with a classic red lip, there isn’t a look that’s more sexy or parisian.


The perfect mini skirt. No matter your size, a perfect mini is a definite closet must. It’s the ultimate go-to piece in situations where you want to feel extra sexy and put together, even in winter. Choose a silhouette that flatters your figure and show off those legs, ladies!


A chambray shirt. Denim shirts are super on-trend at the moment, and with good reason: they’re the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated. Button-down cuts look tailored and chic while the denim material is dressed-down and relaxed. Plus, they go with everything. Even jeans, for the daring. A true basic!


Something sequined. Sometimes you just need to get a little fancy! A singular sparkly piece is a great go-to for an occasion that demands a little something extra. I love the look of a sequined blazer to really spice up an otherwise uncreative night look, and a sequined LBD is the ultimate just-in-case next level piece.


Nude pumps. These. Are. A. MUST. Even if you hate heels. Even if you think you’ll never find the right shade of “nude” for your complexion. Even if you think you’ll never wear them. Just buy them. Nude pumps look good with absolutely everything, because they simply look like an extension of your foot. They’re universally flattering, lengthen your legs and make them go POP! and go with everything you own.

What do you think, loves? Do you own these items? What other obscure pieces do you consider essentials? Leave a comment and share your tips!


Liza, Editorial Director


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