#tbt: Jackie Kennedy and the Pill-Box Hat


There are few people I really consider fashion icons (in the league of Princess Diana or Victoria Beckham). One such gem is Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. Without going on a tangent of how she is my spirit animal (which I am convinced she is), Jackie-O was the ultimate first lady. There is just no denying that JFK was a sharp, young, good-looking lad himself, but his wife, Jackie, was an inspiration for everyone.


For our throwback purposes today, the facet we usually attribute to the leading lady is her famous “pill box hat“. Jackie didn’t invent the pill box hat, but she made it absolutely glamorous. Some of her most memorable pics are taken with the quaint little topper on her perfect bouffant. In fact, to this day, her infamous pink, pill box hat is part of many conspiracy theories. This is due to its misplacement on the day that JFK was assassinated in Dallas, TX. No one has ever been able to locate it.


Yeah, it’s vintage and fabulous, but how am I suppose to wear it? Well firstly, you can find many versions of it. My personal favorites are the ones with the little net veil on it, or the faux fur Russian ones, which you can find at many thrift stores, vintage shops, even ASOS and Etsy has tons! It’s not just the pill box, but any vintage cocktail hat or fascinator will serve well to add a little old-Hollywood glamour to an evening outfit. Work it in with a blazer and jeans, or a classy dress. For this Throwback Thursday, channel your inner Jackie and incorporate vintage pieces (some you might even find here at Mieux and Mieux) with a modern twist!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 3.44.29 PM

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest.com


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