Say It Ain’t Zoe! Bravo to Cancel ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’?!


Oh no! After disappointing ratings all season, rumor has it that Bravo may be giving stylist Rachel Zoe the ax.

Zoe’s personal brand has been expanding like CRAZY in the past two years or so. Far from her “humble” beginnings of styling stars for awards shows (complete with at least one mental breakdown, natch) Zoe has gone on to launch a line of clothing for QVC, design her own high-end NYFW-ready collection, give birth to baby Skyler, take over Kim Kardashian’s shoe subscription service Shoedazzle, and dip her toes into the beauty industry with her newest pursuit Dream Dry, an NYC blow-out bar. Rachel Zoe Inc is EXPLODING.

Oh Zoe! Image Credit

Oh Zoe! Image Credit

One would think that with all of the massive changes in Zoe’s life, her self-titled show would be seeing higher-than-ever ratings! According to, though, this is far from the case: this week’s episode of The Rachel Zoe Project pulled in only 518,000 viewers–Almost 10,000 less than the show’s first season premier. Ouch!

Ahh, the good-old-days of The RZP...Brad, Taylor, Rodger, and Rachel. Image Credit

Ahh, the good-old-days of The RZP…Brad, Taylor, Rodger, and Rachel. Image Credit

Personally, I’ve been watching RZP since the show’s premier and I must admit that Season 5 has been less than thrilling. The focus has shifted from celebrities, clothing, and craziness to Rachel’s hit-or-miss clothing line, life, and budding business ventures. Spoiler alert: Rachel’s styling may be fabulous, but Zoe herself is not so much. This isn’t to say she isn’t totes amaze, it’s just that it was never Rachel’s personality that made the show. The lack of actual styling, drama from former assistant Taylor, or infusion of much-needed charisma from Brad leaves viewers–at least this one–with much to be desired. And can Rodger cut his freaking hair already?!

Seriously, Rodger? Image Credit

Seriously, Rodger? Image Credit

No worries though, guys–even if Rachel’s reality show gets cancelled, we have her “sitcom” to look forward to. So there’s that.

Will you miss The Rachel Zoe Project if Bravo decides to cancel it? What do you think the show needs to be interesting again? Is there another stylist you’d rather watch? Let us know your thoughts with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


2 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t Zoe! Bravo to Cancel ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’?!

  1. Brad and the Melrose guys have already filled the niche quite nicely thank you. Now that it’s over what in the hell is that word she says all the time? Meiche? What is that?
    I watched for the fashion, the glamour and the other principal players. I tolerated her and marveled at her ability to keep an amazing husband that many women actually deserved. I paraphrase ” I am just too busy, too important, too cute to have another child, Yuk. I would just go bananas if I had to pull another child out of my ass. Rodger can you carry it this time? You don’t do anything but make my miserable life worth living”. Now, that is why the show is on the way out. Who in the hell likes her but Rodger? Thank God that beautiful child has Rodger in his life.

  2. Thanks for reading, Rhonda! I guess we’ll see what happens to ALL of Bravo’s fashion shows pretty soon (Brad World had low ratings too), especially considering that the season finales air tonight! PS, I think you just might be right about Rach & Rodg 😉

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