(Don’t) Want It Wednesday: Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go AWAY

As we all know, fashion is personal. We all have different tastes, favorites, likes, and dislikes that are as unique as we are. It is these “likes”, in fact, that typically inspire my Want It Wednesday picks! Today, however, we’re going to take things in the opposite direction…Things I don’t want. Scandalous!

Four Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go Away

Just too much. Image Credit

Just too much. Image Credit

Leggings as pants. I say this with some trepidation, because I tend believe that leggings aren’t pants unless I want them to be. This being said, I am so sick of seeing leggings, tights, and skintight yoga pants being worn as pants all day/every day around town. I know they’re comfy. I know they’re easy. But it’s become too much. Ladies, it is not that hard to put on a pair of jeans, or at the very least, wear a shirt that covers at least 50% of your butt. I’ve reached my saturation point with this trend.

These "heels" are Valentino and I still can't stand them. Meow. Image via Moda Operandi.

No! These “heels” are Valentino and I still can’t stand them. Meow. Image via Moda Operandi.

Kitten heels. These aren’t especially trendy right now (at least in my neck of the woods) however, every few years or so they seem to reemerge with a vengeance! I think kitten heels look rather squatty, and they neither provide the full height or leg-enhancing benefits of the heel, nor the comfort of the flat. So why do we wear them again?

Pockets. Stitching. Rhinestones. I just...Can't. Image Credit

Pockets. Stitching. Rhinestones. I just…Can’t. Image Credit

Jeans with white stitching and rhinestones on the butt. As far as I’m concerned, nothing ruins a perfectly attractive pair of jeans like bright white stitching and embellished pockets. I have terrible flashbacks to the light-wash, bedazzled True Religion flares of yesteryear, and that is not an era I would like to revisit. These jeans just look garish and dated to me–not to mention that they are not particularly flattering for most body types. Not cute. No me gusta.

#nothanks #notsorry Image Credit

#nothanks #notsorry Image Credit

Glittery Uggs. Don’t get me wrong–I totally would have wet my pants over boots like these when I was 14, but now…Well, yuck. These boots are gaudy, over-the-top, and ridiculous in the worst way. Now, a blacked-out pair of sparkle Uggs I can get behind. The eyestrain-inducing metallic (with the exception of ones worn like this) and colorful versions though, not so much. If you’re a fashionista who aged 14 or under, however, feel free to rock your sequin boots without judgment!

Disagree? Totally fine! One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure, after all. What fashion trends are you so over, ladies? Share your thoughts with a comment below!


Liza, Editorial Director

2 thoughts on “(Don’t) Want It Wednesday: Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go AWAY

  1. Onesie’s! Oh my god, I am so over onesie’s you could almost say I was never ‘on’ them.. actually you could definitely say that… They can make a perfectly good looking girl (or guy) look like a giant, frumpy, baby with a baggy ass. Ugh. They are not ‘cute’ >_<

    • I feel you, girl! Onesies are def hard to wear, and when they’re ill-fitting they look AWFUL. Thanks for keeping up with us! 🙂

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