The Jam: Banks & James Blake

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 2.02.44 PMI spent hours last night hunting for new music, which is usually a hit or miss, but damn was it on point last night, so I’m really excited about these new tunes. It was a tough one narrowing my finds down to favorites, but my top two are undoubtedly great pieces of art.

Banks, an L.A. based, self-taught singer-songwriter channels a bit Fiona Apple in her song “Fall Over”. It’s soulful, fresh, and musky at the same time (not sure if “musky” can describe music, but whatevs). She’s really new, so it was a challenge finding out what she’s about. Regardless, I can’t help scream my heart out to this song, take a listen:

James Blake is an English singer/songwriter with an amazing perspective on music. As an electronic music producers, his sound is just so interesting. Even though it is electro, the music is not all just synths. It’s very downtempo, lounge-y, and unconventional. Unlike Banks, James is well-trained in his craft. He studied popular music and has since won many awards for his stuff. I love his haunting vocals (and the fact that hes English). Some of my favorite songs of his are “Retrograde”, “Digital Lion” and now “CMYK“:

Hope you enjoyed the new tunes, and if there’s anything crazy fresh you’ve heard and would like to share, feel free to comment!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

James Blake (Photo credit) and Banks (Photo credit)


5 thoughts on “The Jam: Banks & James Blake

  1. Absolutely love James Blake. My blog is all about artists and promotional strategies, DIY tips, social media, navigating the industry, etc., so this is great to see! Thanks for posting.

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