Listed: Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Resale Rocks

Resale shopping is amazing. And I’m not just saying that because I work for Mieux & Mieux! Need a reason? Here are ten! What follows is my personal love letter to thrifting…Read on and prepare to crave a shopping trip!


The House of Mieux (& Mieux): Resale dream house!

1. The hunt. If shopping were considered a sport, thrifting would be the most challenging part of the game. While looking through racks of clothing can get a bit tiring, sifting through beautiful pieces to find something you absolutely love makes it all worth it.

2. The items are perfectly worn in. You know how sometimes those brand new heels pinch your toes, a new tee isn’t so soft, and off-the-rack jeans are too stiff? You don’t have to worry about any of that when you’re shopping resale! The work has already been done for you–all of the apparel is in great condition, but also super comfy.

3. The glory. As we’ve discussed time and time again, when you’re shopping resale, it’s first come, first served! Because of this, when you see that pair of strappy sandals or that trendy blouse you have to scoop it up FAST. Before everyone else! If you succeed, there is definite glory in that. Plus, how awesome is it to say “oh yeah, it’s thrifted” all nonchalant and cool girl when someone asks you where your outfit is from? Glory x2.

4. The price (obviously) Thrifting is guilt free shopping, baby!

5. There are always new items. No matter the season or cycle of big-box retailers, resale shops always have new stock because they’re constantly adding new inventory. And, of course, nothing sits on the shelf for too long.

6. The diversity. Resale shopping exposes you to different brands, styles, trends, even eras, all under one roof (or site, if you’re shopping online).

7.You can make $$$. Bring in your clothes! Resale stores are always looking for new sellers. Make money on stuff that you’re sick of and buying something new and expensive won’t feel so bad. You’re practically being paid to shop!

8. Personal style is king (or rather, queen!) What you like matters! The items that sellers bring in and the things that customers buy directly influence the culture of a particular store, and determines what stays on the shelves. A really awesome resale experience is like shopping in an extended version of your closet.

9. The exclusivity. Again, since there is typically only one of each piece, your thrifted garb will be unique. When you shop resale, you’re probably not going to see another girl on the street wearing the skirt you just bought like you might if you purchased it from Forever 21.

10. The cupcakes! Okay, okay, this one mayyy be exclusive to our particular resale store, but free mini cupcakes on the daily is definitely a reason to love shopping with us.

What are your favorite reasons to thrift? Add to the list in the comments!


Liza, Editorial Director


27 thoughts on “Listed: Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Resale Rocks

  1. I’m big on bargain-hunting and I agree with this list 110%. Another reason why I love thrift shopping is because it forces me to go out of my comfort zone, to try on pieces that I normally wouldn’t, and to just get creative in styling the items! 😀

    • Such a good point! I totally didn’t think of that, but it’s really true! I try on the weirdest stuff at thrift stores sometimes just because it’s there…sometimes that’s how you end up with the best stuff!

    • Sara, I think that’s my favorite part too! I love trying to find the best stuff like it’s some sort of fashion challenge…It’s always so great when you pull something amazing out of nowhere too!

  2. Eep! I JUST finished writing a post about my top 10 reasons for thrift shopping and stumbled upon this! I have to agree with all these reasons and must confess that it’s the thrill of the hunt that makes me an addict. I feel a sense of adrenaline and sometimes don’t even realize 2 hours have passed until I walk outside and realize that the sun has set. I think they must pump in oxygen like they do in casinos.

    BTW, Here’s my list 🙂

  3. I love the different ways things are presented in the local shops versus the corporate displays. ALSO I just love being able to shop by color. Want something green? Check out all this green stuff! So fun.

    • Yesss!! Local shops DO always seem to have the best visual merchandising! Just more unique and inspiring than corporate stores for the most part.

  4. I simply love the hunt – while most clothes and shoes are not my size, I have found some awesome stuff, which made my day at that moment. So I know it is worthwhile, and I noticed that I am by far more happy with thrifted clothes, because I was able to find them.

  5. Agreed with all your points. I love that you don’t have to be limited to what’s in fashion at the time – there is so many different styles, eras and fashion trends to choose from. Yay! And it costs you a fraction of the price – double yay!

    • Thanks! Definitely true about no-limits fashion…In some thrift stores you aren’t even limited by season, which I love! I mean, maybe you’re not going to wear a sundress in December, but if you get a killer deal and can save it until July it’s even better!

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