…What What What What? Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Collab for Nordstrom Bridal

File this one under random: Nordstrom Weddings has teamed up with our favorite thrift store superstars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The collab resulted in this video, entitled “The Ultimate Wedding Party

Who else is totally jealous of the Nordstrom staff featured in that vid?! A Macklemore and Ryan Lewis-lead dance off, giltter confetti, and designer dresses fresh from Nordstrom’s own wedding suite makes for a pretty sick time.

Commenters on YouTube have taken note that The Ultimate Wedding Party features same-sex couples…Did you catch that? Upon first watch, I didn’t–which I actually love. This wasn’t a video specifically about gay marriage or marriage equality, but rather about love, joy, and having a ridiculous time, regardless of whom you’re marrying. Kudos to Nordstrom for that! It’s also pretty cool that Nordies countered the celebrity of Macklemore and Lewis by using real people–all Nordstrom.com employees–instead of models or actors to showcase their clothing in this video. Overall: Pretty f-ing awesome.


Liza, Editorial Director


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