The Jam – ‘Rules’ by Shakira

Happy Monday, Mieuxs! …Don’t you hate that phrase? Sorry ’bout it. I’m not sure what it is about me and The Voice lately, but this week I’m all about judge Shakira’s song–after musically crushing on one of their contestants with my last “jam” selection. Today’s jam is a throwback! It’s an old-school Shakira track, straight off of her best-selling album Laundry Service. Can you believe this came out over TEN years ago?!? From “Whenever, Wherever” to “Objection (Tango)” to “Underneath Your Clothes”, almost all of the songs on Laundry Service are phenom.

Brings back the memories, right? Cheers to Shakira! Those perfect blonde curls, enviable abs, and that totally-inappropriate-for-a-sixth-grader-to-emulate shirt dance thing she used to do will make her, and all of her music, forever jam-worthy in my eyes.

Quick! Name your top 3 Shakira songs! GO! Leave those and your jam picks in the comments below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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