The Click: 03/31 – 04/07


It’s here! Designer diffusion lives on with the Rio-inspired collaboration between Derek Lam and Kohl’s. Peep the collection here courtesy of Fashionista.

Life pro-tip: Set goals. Refinery 29 shows us how!

Speaking of life pro-tips, this slideshow of time management hacks is major.

Cute curls without heat or rollers?! It’s not too good to be true! This YouTube video from Trade Secrets  shows you how it’s done!

This post about what to wear for an engagement photography session from photographer Bernadette Pollard is super helpful whether you’re planning an engagement shoot or if you just want to look your best in selfies.

BEFORE AND AFTERS! Need I say more?! Check out these insane makeup transformations featured on The Pocket Issue.

Proper fit is of paramount importance! Putting Me Together shows us all how to do things right and look awesome 24/7.

This article from xoJane totally made me want to shop the “As Seen on TV” aisle at Target.

This one’s for the boys! …Or their female counterparts who love a well-dressed man: 83 Incredible Male Style Tumblrs from Guy Style Guide.

Wait, what? Shazam for clothes? According to The High Low, it’s coming…

OMG, YUM: Homemade ice cream cake crunchies, guys. Crunchies!

More Ford! Details snagged an interview where our favorite designer/filmmaker spilled his rules of style.

Finally, RIP, Lilly Pulitzer. You will be missed!


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