Words To Live By: What’s Your Fashion Motto?

I once saw a Juicy Couture tag that read, “Juicy Couture: For nice girls who like stuff.”* Ever since then, those words have stuck with me. They resonate deep(ish) in my soul. I may not be able to perfectly define my personal style, but I don’t have to be! According to Juicy, I can just like everything. I am a nice girl who likes stuff through and through.

Aside from being a NGWLS, I’m also (obviously) a word girl! I love a good fashion or style-based quotation…Especially if it’s brought to life in a cute color scheme or awesome typography. And while I love the sentiment of the aforementioned Juicy tag, I don’t actually consider it my fashion motto. No no. Those are different words all together. When we’re talking about the intersection of fashion and inspiration, these are my go-to phrases.

Oh Mrs. Zoe! Could there be truer words for those of us who are style-obsessed? Clothes tell a story! If you’re doing things right, the story they tell is your own.

In all honesty, truer words have never been spoken. #idontcare #iloveit Think about it: Most boys just aren’t going to notice all of the detail that goes into creating a fabulous look, but your girls always will. And so will you! Dress for girls, undress for boys. Simple.

Sometimes, girls who care about fashion get a bad rap. We’re labeled as frivolous or vapid or VAIN. But, as Vreeland kindly points out, vanity isn’t so terrible–narcissisim is.  Vanity and femininity are often one in the same. Sometimes, it’s perfectly OK to be a little vain. Just because you care about how you look doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person!

Saving the best for last! I love this Kate Spade quotation so much I actually have it on my Facebook page. I think of this as a gentle reminder that dressing up should be a daily occurrence – and an awesome one at that.

What’s your fashion motto? What are your favorite style quotations? Any particular fashion words you live by? Clue us in! Leave a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director

*The Juicy tag may have actually read “For cute girls who like stuff”, or “for nice girls who like cute stuff”. I can’t remember. But “stuff” was definitely involved.


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