Tom Ford Designs The Perfect Man

The Man. The Legend. Tom Ford. Image Credit

The Man. The Legend. Tom Ford. Image Credit

Tom Ford: The modern day renaissance man. A true media and fashion mogul, Ford is both an iconic fashion designer and a film director. On the style side, Ford served as creative director for Gucci and YSL, winning numerous CFDA awards and driving both of the then-struggling “classic” brands back into mainstream demand. There is then, of course, Tom Ford’s newest line–a successful collection which shares his namesake.


Though Ford designs garments for both males and females in the aforementioned collection (not to mention peddles cosmetics, shoes, and fragrances for the sexes), there’s something about his menswear that is truly on another level. Case in point: Ford outfitted none other than James Bondand made over 300 suits for Quantum of Solace. Furthermore, throughout the most recent awards’ season, many of the most stylishly dressed gentlemen were rocking Tom Ford ensembles. If anyone knows what it takes to create a sexy, well-dressed man, it’s Tom, so it’s only right that he’s chosen to share the wealth. What follows is Ford’s list of “essentials” for (what I can only assume is) the perfect man. Regardless of your gender, though, obtaining the items on this list would help to create well-rounded, well-styled, well-mannered individual. Check them out!

Is this the best list of "essentials" ever? I feel you, Mr. Ford. Image via They All Hate Us.

Is this the best list of “essentials” ever? I feel you, Mr. Ford. Image via They All Hate Us.

Genius, right? The majority of these pieces of clothing, toiletries, and experiences are truly essential for success – male or female. The fact that this list is truly useful, however, is what I would think  think this list would resonate most with male audiences. We aren’t talking about having three suits, one sport coat, a brown belt, a black belt, etc. blah blah blah. It’s real! And it’s simple. I mean, I can imagine showing this list to the men in my life and having them NOT roll their eyes! If that’s not blogworthy, I don’t know what is.

What 22 things should every man (or woman!) have in your eyes? Make a list, leave a comment, and share your thoughts with us! Can’t get enough of Tom Ford? Peep this slideshow from Vogue UK to see assorted highlights from his list complete with pictures…and a few new items!


Liza, Editorial Director


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