The Jam: Bassnectar & Cashmere Cat

My two jewels to offer tonight are really dope and different. The first is Bassnectar‘s “Butterfly”. Bassnectar has been in the electronic game for two decades now, yet continues to sound fresh. The song features vocalist Mimi Page, who is an L.A. based artist that has worked with many big names in the scene. Bassnectar’s production and Mimi’s haunting vocals really make this an amazing song. Enjoy:

My next favorite is “Aurora” by Cashmere Cat. You probably haven’t heard of Cashmere Cat, whose real name is Magnus August Høiberg. The Norwegian DJ recently came onto the seen in 2012, unlike Bassnectar who has been around since before I was born. I first heard his remix of Lana del Rey and became obsessed. The beat is just unlike anything I’ve ever heard, take a listen:

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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