Want It Wednesday: Animal Clothes Hangers

From the first moment I saw these kitty cat hangers at Urban Outfitters I was instantly enamored. How adorable are these kittens?!


BRB, just freaking out about hangers.

I’m up for anything that cute-ifies the closet, so these are a must for this girl. The oversized wood and metal hangers retail at $12 a piece and come in cat, dog, skeleton, and fox varieties. Go ahead and file this under “easily amused”, but it looks like the animals are wearing your clothes, guys!!! I kind of can’t handle anything that makes me giggle this hard.

The entire collection. Personally, after the kittens, I'm all about the bulldog and the wolf.

More of the animal collection! Images via Urban Outfitters. Personally, after the kittens, I’m partial to the bulldog and the wolf.

I’ll probably wait until Urban has these on a blowout clearance table at 50 to 75% off before buying, but I definitely want to create my own personal menagerie on my clothing rack. Those animals though! Plus, considering that original (now vintage) Annie Schultz animal hangers retail at around $40 each on sites like Etsy, these are already a bit of a steal at this price point.

What do you all think of these hangers? What clothing, shoes, or accessories are you craving this Wednesday? Share your thoughts below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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