#MCM: Olivier Rousteing from Balmain

url-10French genius Olivier Rousteing is the at the top of our Man-Crush-Monday list. The creator director of Balmain since April 2011 boasts a fab portfolio, working under fashion moguls such as Roberto Cavalli and Descarnin. At only 27, his heavy rock glam attitude welded well with Pierre Balmain’s fashion house, dishing out stunning designs on the runway, yet remaining true to the look of Balmain.

olivier-rousteing-balmainRousteing was adopted to a family in Bordeaux, France. He received formal education in fashion at ESMOD and interned with many designers in Paris. Fun fact: Olivier was also a “dancer” at some Parisian clubs on the side while he was pursuing fashion. How scandaleux!

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Aside from his gorgeous jaw line, Rousteing’s approach to the brand has been most impressive. He has definitely brought a fresh perspective to the House of Balmain. While the brand is known for its intricate attention to detail and art deco beading, Rousteing off-sets the opulence with structure and modern silhouettes. The overall result just makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful. So whether you’re lusting over Rousteing, or over the beaded blazers, Balmain has got something for everyone to love. In the rare case that there’s something you don’t love about Balmain’s Olivier, let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor 


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