Trend Alert: Boyfriend Wrist Game

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The hottest wrist game front-runner this season is chunky, manly timepieces on dainty, little wrists. Why? Because there’s nothing that says “I’m the boss” like a badass watch.

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Some of the most popular brands with big, boyfriend watches are Fossil ($100-$200), Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs (around $200-$300). Higher-priced luxury brands that are also dishing out some heavy wrist game include Burberry ($500+), Michelle ($1,000+), and Rolex ($4,000). The style is all very similar because, as most people don’t know, Fossil actually owns Michael Kors, Burberry, and Michelle so most of what you’re paying for is the brand name. Gross.

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A solid watch should be a staple in your accessories. Most people neglect to wear a watch (like myself) because it’s more mature and a tad bulky, but now days, the watch is just as trendy as a funky bracelet. Layer a chunky watch with various other bracelets, or wear it clean. Popular colors include rose gold, gunmetal, and black, yet gold and silver are always in fashion and easier to style. My personal recommendation is Marc Jacobs because the watches are a bit more simple in design, then again I would never turn down a sexy Roley. Why let the men have all the fun? So Mieux dolls, do you dare to rock a serious timepiece, or is it too much for taste?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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