The Jam: Lana del Rey and Rhye

This one is not a fashion-y post, but I mean Lana is a trendsetter right? No? Okay. Well, I have two song obsessions at the moment. The first is from Lana del Rey. Lady del Rey reminds us of her haunting vocals in “Chelsea Hotel No. 2”, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s 1974 Janis Joplin tribute (though it’s not for sure that it was a tribute to Joplin). I actually heard Lana’s version first before ever hearing the original, and it was pretty faithful. She also kept all the gender pronouns which I thought was awesome. Personally, she can do no wrong, though I know many people that despise her and her lifeless expression (which I have grown to love). Take a listen:

The second is Rhye’s “Open” which is so chill if you’re into that whole easy-listening, coffee house, electro-ish type stuff. I could imagine Urban Outfitters playing it, and it reminds me of The xx a bit. Rhye is an L.A based band made up of two dudes Mike & Robin. My mind was blown because the fact that their debut March album is titled “Woman” and from the androgynous vocals in “Open”, I could have sworn it was a chick singing. There’s two video versions for “Open”, one is kinda raunchy and this one is more PG, check it out:

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor


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