Best Tressed: The Hottest in Hair Color for S/S 2013

Hair can really be the ultimate accessory. Cut, style, dye, enhance, if you don’t like it, you can  change it! Unless you’re bald, hair is the one thing you always have on. When you think of it this way, it’s only natural to conclude that there would be trends for your mane just as there are for your wardrobe. If you’re a chica who likes a change in hair along with the change in seasons, read on! These are the four biggest hair color trends for Spring/Summer of 2013.

Return of the Ombré! How fabulous is this ombré hair collage from Another Mindless Obsession?!

Return of the Ombré! How fabulous is this ombré hair collage from Another Mindless Obsession?!

Ombré: It’s baaack! The ombré craze continues to go strong. A celebrity mainstay, this season’s ombré features a less drastic, more blended tone. Transitions are more subtle and (much) darker roots are less obvious. Dark-haired girls don’t have to have blonde tips! With new ombré, it’s all about embracing a shade that is only slightly lighter than your natural color, blending throughout, and going another shade or two lighter than that on your ends. The resulting look is  actually prettier than the statement ombré so many of us are used to seeing! It’s a perfectly sunkissed, prettier-than-natural look. Once a dye job that was reserved for salon service or iffy DIY jobs, L’Oreal now makes a box dye to get the look at home on the cheap.

Stunning Sienna! Butter blonde is perfect for summer. Photo Credit

Stunning Sienna! Butter blonde is perfect for summer. Photo Credit

Warm, Buttery Blonde: As far as I’m concerned, blonde is a sign of spring as much as floral print. The weather warms up, the sun comes out, and suddenly girls everywhere are all, “there’s no snow. I need to be BLONDE!” And blonde they go. It makes sense: if you get enough sun, your hair is naturally going to bleach. Whether your particular shade bleaches to blonde, however, is an entirely personal ordeal. Whether you’re a natural blondie or not, spring is the perfect time to lighten up! For this spring and summer, the most on-trend shade of blonde is one that is buttery and golden, not platinum or ashy. This soft blonde looks great as highlights and is surprisingly flattering on a variety of skin tones. From Emma Stone to Rihanna at the Grammy’s, warm blonde tones are where it’s at.

Pastel hair: sweet and sexy! Image Credit

Pastel hair: sweet and sexy! Image Credit

Pastels: Who would have thought that a color trend that is half My Little Pony and half pretty pretty princess would be the next big thing in edgy, editorial hair? Sweet without being saccharine, heads in shades of mint, lavender, and pink aren’t just for Kelly Osbourne or Katy Perry anymore! Pastel locks have found celebrity fans in Rachel McAdams, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Kate Bosworth. Helen Mirren even went pastel pink this winter! So, how has the pastel changed from 2012 to 2013? Streaks! This year, we’re seeing strategically-placed pastel, from shimmery highlights to dip-dye looks. If you’re going for extremely trendy hair, you can even do an ombré-pastel blend!

Red Velvet! Photo Credit

Red Velvet! Photo Credit

50 Shades of Red: Whether it’s a nod to this fall’s oxblood craze or an homage to Rihanna, shades of red continue to be hot for spring and summer. On the most-recent episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger even hosted a “reds only” mixer! Red, more than any other hue in my opinion, is the antithesis of “one-size-fits-all” color–and that’s a good thing! From fire engine, to natural/neutral red, bright red-orange, and even wine-tinted ebony, there is a red shade for everyone…You just have to find it! The new reds are all about being bold, confident, and unafraid to make a statement. Love that.

Are you changing your style or dying your hair for summer? Which of these color trends is your fave? I have a total crush on cotton candy hair, but am nowhere fearless enough to actually go through with it. Perhaps you are?! Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director

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